Welcome to Music for Ensemble!

We have created this site to offer music for various kinds of musical groups and to feature the work of composer and  arranger Mario Abril.

We have music for symphony orchestra, string orchestra, string quartet, brass ensemble, symphonic band and various other ensemble combinations. These are well-balanced, carefully finished compositions and arrangements by a musician of international standing and long experience as a performer, composer and educator. Although the focus of attention will be on music for chamber and symphonic ensembles, we will also offer selected pieces and collections for solo instruments.

The music is preparededited and engravedto the industry’s highest standards. The instrumental parts feature large print and careful layout. The scores are set-up with the needs of the conductor in mind. A piano reduction of the score is included when musically feasible.

Our system will make it possible for you to purchase a complete packageconductor’s score and instrumental partsand immediately download the music, in Adobe Acrobat format, to your computer and printer. The electronic delivery makes the process convenient and timely. You will have everything you need to begin rehearsals with your ensemble at once.

Our catalog will constantly expand to include music of multi-cultural significance, music from int ernational folklore and of course, time-honored classics and standards—always with attention to their suitability for the intended ensemble and ensemble level.

Each catalog entry will give a description of the piece and the number of instrumental parts and pages to download and print. It will also give viewing access to a representative page from the specific score and a sound file of the piece.

After completing the credit card transaction, you may download the (Adobe Acrobat) PDF package and print the necessary instrumental part copies for the intended ensemble. It is recommended that one complete copy of the package be kept on file for back-up purposes.

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